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Thermal Imaging and Animal Physiotherapy

Scientifically Proven Benefits

thermal imaging - veterinary physiotherapy - animal physio - animal injuryVeterinary Thermal Imaging has been honed and developed over the past thirty years, and scientifically proven in its benefits to vets and paraprofessionals. Veterinary Thermal Imaging provides a valuable addition to existing diagnostic tools such as X-rays, CT, MRI and Ultrasound scanning offered by your Vet. It also provides a visual management tool for owners and professionals monitoring or treating injury, illness or disease.

High Definition Images with Pinpoint Accuracy

Today's high definition imaging allows anatomical structures to be easily discerned, and pinpoint the seat of pain, allowing diagnosis or more targeted tests to be performed.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging effectively indentifies problems in bone as well as soft-tissue, and can assist in the detection of nerve damage and dysfunction. It objectively measures the extent of any issues, and is highly effective for monitoring recovery progress. As it uses a small, high mobile passive sensor, Veterinary Thermal Imaging has the following advantages:

  • Non-invasive, your animal remains comfortable
  • Non-contact, allows your animal to be monitored from a distance
  • Does not require sedation, no risk or additional costs
  • Mobile service, eliminates travelling stress for your animal

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A Valuable Additional Diagnostic Tool

Veterinary thermal imaging in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex - Animal Thermal Imaging - Equine Thermography - Thermal ImagingVeterinary Thermal Imaging is very sensitive to changes in the muscular, vascular, skeletal and nervous systems, detecting temperature differences of less than 0.05oC which is 40 times more sensitive than the human hand.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging fills a gap in clinical diagnosis tools, and shows the animal's physiological state by graphically mapping skin surface temperature in response to changes in blood flow. In healthy animals, the thermal pattern on the skin is symmetrical. This is because skin blood flow is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.

Clinical uses for Veterinary Thermal Imaging include:


  • Determing the extent of a diagnosed injury
  • Detecting early lesions before they are clinically evident
  • Identifying areas not previously identified where further diagnostic tests should be performed 
  • Monitoring the healing process before the animal is returned to work or training

Using a systematic approach to taking and interpreting the images, the following common conditions can be easily identified: Muscle Problems, Nerve Injury, Inflammation and Secondary Problems

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